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We create safe spaces to encourage an experience with open conversation and without judgement or labels.


  • Executive and Staff Development Training
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leadership Development
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Trainings

In theses very complex and difficult times more is required from team and department leaders.  PULLUM Productions provides new solutions and new ways to go about the business of addressing social issues, trauma and encourage better communication and healing within the workplace culture.

We use theatre performance and arts education through our DRAMA-cize programs to lead workshops addressing issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, communication and team building strategies.

Leadership and women’s empowerment workshops become the vehicle to create safe spaces to address social justice issues and encourage emotional wellbeing and wellness.


What an awesome workshop! You are all the buzz at the Job Center. You were truly a gift to our counselors!
Linda Wolf
Director, BC Job Center
Sherri was a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration to our buisness. We experienced a paradigm shift as she afforded us the opportunity to really listen to each other and to understand our communication styles.
Sherri borrows from her acting career to help reflect on the various and complex roles we perform in our lives and on how to make each interaction, whether personal or professional, more authentic."
Kathy Zeno
Marketing Professor, Ramapo College
During my experience working with Sherri, she made all of the actors and members of the production team feel as though we were part of something bigger than ourselves. Thankfully, Sherri was very patient and showed each of us how to tap into our own potential.
Craig Chaney, Esq
Sherri has been instrumental in working with our high school students and other programs in the district to help our students and faculty find their true passions and balance in life."
Andrea Sheridan

Assistant Superintendent, BC Tech Schools

"I combined my 20 plus years of acting experience, personal development coaching and training with my arts education expertise and marketing background to create DRAMA-cize."
sherri wearing blue and posing n front of a stone wall
Sherri Pullum